Integrated Nutrient Management

  • Understand the concept of Integrated Nutrient Management
  • Understand  soil analysis for  fertigation scheduling
  • Understand the requirement of  different  types of nutrients in crop growth
  • Undertake judicious fertigation management using  modern fertigation equipments


Integrated Nutrient Management (INM)

  • Principles and concept of INM
  • Classification of organic manures
  • Improved method for enriched FYM/ Compost preparation
  • Low cost vermicompost preparation & green Mannering
  • Nutrient losses during handling & storage of FYM / Compost
  • Classification of inorganic fertilizers (Solid, liquid & SRF) with their content of nutrients
  • Soil sampling method,   PH & EC measurement (1:2 method)
  • Effect of PH & EC on uptake of nutrients
  • Deficiency & Toxicity symptoms of various nutrients
  • Methods of fertigation
  • Micronutrient application – Method and rate of application
  • Synergism & antagonism effect of nutrients